We are a small, local club of 75+ members that get together for monthly meetings and numerous ski trips every year. Our membership consists of all ages and a mix of singles and families. As well as being winter sports enthusiasts, we are a group of friends who enjoy other activities such as camping, jet boating, barbecueing and more. All levels of skiers and snowboarders are welcome to join our club, so if you are new to the snow, we can provide support and companionship on the bunny slope.

Originally founded as a private, non-profit club in 1936, the Humboldt County Ski Club is the oldest active ski club in the United States today. The Ski Club began when some friends got together and began planning ski trips to New Prairie Ski Area (known today as Horse Mountain), complete with Cedar Creek Day Lodge and rope tow lifts. The club  operated in this area for many years as well as sponsored races and organized lessons for all ages.
since 1936